Keep Right-Size Inventory

Use dynamically calculated reorder points to pull inventory into your system when triggered by actual demand.

Boost Shop Throughput

Complete jobs faster and on time by running work centers in job priority order and deploying resources where they are needed

Keep Your Accounting System

Continue using your accounting system without disruption for receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and financial reporting.

StrategyCMS Inventory Software Is a Solution



  • Default receipt location and primary storage location
  • Allowable locations and location groups
  • Lot and serial control designation
  • Up to 6 User Defined Fields for documentation and reports
  • Linked documents that can be copied to Jobs and SOs

Lot/Serial Control

  • Expiration control for perishable items
  • Auto-numbering option for serial numbers
  • Lot/serial tracking by inventory transaction

Inventory Management

  • Cycle codes with scheduled stock counts
  • Stock transfer by location
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stock counts for physical inventories and stock takes


  • Unlimited locations
  • Transitory locations for inspection or transit
  • Location groups for allowable stock items

Customizable Data Views

  • Stock Item List
  • Stock On Hand
  • Inventory Transaction Detail
  • Inventory Transactions Lot/Serial

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